4th Blogiversary

mattieologie-turns-4 Welp, I can't believe it. But this once upon a time escape from my retail management that you've come to know as Mattieologie is now four years old. Four years ago, I took a chance and tried to create something that was my own. And while I still think it's got a long way to go, it's come a long way. First and foremost, thank you to all of you for reading, sending positive vibes via comments and tweets and giving me a reason to continue blogging on the hard days. From the outside blogging may not seem all that complicated, but staying consistent and creating content that people want to continue reading and seeing is hard work. So I appreciate every single one of you who just started reading to those of you who have been there since day one.

I also want to thank my husband who has been incredibly supportive for the duration of our marriage for supporting an over ambitious wife who thinks her ideas can make the world a better place. He's been there through late nights (thanks to events and parties), early mornings (for shoots) and days without me (due to fashion week, brand campaigns, etc.) He's also responsible for making Mattieologie look so pretty (marrying a graphic artist has its perks!) and helped me make the most important decisions concerning my blog as a business. He is just as involved in Mattieologie as I am, but you guys don't get to see his behind the scenes input. Thanks, babe! :)

To Ashley - who has been with me for three years now - thanks for believing in ALL of my crazy ideas and supporting me in both thick and thin. And to Porsha, thanks for making me look waaaaaaay cooler than I actually am.

I also wanted to share four of my blog goals with you guys (if you don't mind). Since it's my fourth blogiversary, I have four goals:

1. More video. I actually have so much making fun videos and I love talking about style and beauty so you will be seeing a lot more YouTube content from within the next 12 months.

2. Product. I've been blessed to be sponsored so many cool items and accessories, but a lot of that stuff is costly. Looking to bring some trendy pieces here and there at reasonable prices.

3. Workshops and in person events. It's so inspiring to meet readers and those who follow me on social media. But most of all, I'm excited to share information and learn from you guys, too.

4. Creating even better content. As I mentioned above, I've come a long way, but what's the point of doing something if you don't plan on getting better. Looking to take even more amazing photos, learn to create dynamic videos and create unforgettable experiences not only for myself, but for anyone who reads the blog. So yeah, I might have to learn more about camera lenses, teach myself (or let YouTube teach me) Final Cut Pro and research workshop hosting, but when you're learning, you're earning.

That's really it, guys. Again, thanks so much. It means the world to me!