7 Summer Outfits I Love

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I LoveThis is one of my favorite looks because I'm obsessed with polka dots (how can you not be?!) and it's the perfect balance of casual yet girly. Which is usually my goal when I get dressed. Especially in the summer.

I can't believe there's only less of a month of summer left. I've got to say, now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant I'm like rotating 5 dresses that actually fit me. That and I REFUSE to wear pants or jeans in this type of heat. I think that's always been a challenge for me - getting through an Atlanta summer and still looking put together. How do you balance not sweating your butt of in an outfit, but not freezing in the AC of restaurants and buildings while still being stylish? My trick I've come to find out is layering pieces (a light cardigan or blazer can save you from over the top A/C), prints (I tend to get bolder with patterns in the summer) and cotton (the material actually breathes which is a plus in 90+ degree weather). As I prep for Babyologie's arrival in the next few weeks I thought I'd take a walk through outfit post memory lane and reflect on some of my favorite outfits. Here's 7 summer outfits I love (and wish I could fit into right now). Click on any of the photos to get to the original post :)

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love Not necessarily a shorts kind of girl, but when I do wear them I like them to be a light material with a loose fit like these. I loved mixing the striped shirt with printed shorts. The cardigan is Hubs' and kept me tolerable of the A/C in Starbucks that day.

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love I'm a sucker for a jumper. The sheer pants on these are my favorite part of the look. A quick, easy look that makes me seems more "put together" than I actually am.

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love There's always a place for jeans in my wardrobe for ANY season. In the summer, I love pairing it with a top that has an awesome silhouette with a strappy sandal or pump. Simple and chic and rocking sunnies gives that instant look of cool.

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love This look was really an example of separates that shouldn't go together but ended up working out. Yellow and blue contrast pretty well and the gray serves as a neutral, so I think that all worked in my favor. A mini skirt always makes it inevitable appearance in my summer wardrobe so I try to tame it with a loose fitted top and the cardigan. (As someone who's always cold, a cardigan is like your BFF.)

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love Honestly, this is my preferred everyday look in the summer. Some type of graphic tee, a skirt, sunglasses and an oversized bag.

Mattieologie: 7 Summer Outfits I Love Another example of me mixing stripes with prints. The shirt is Hubs' and I love the dichotomy of a man's shirt with a super girly A-line skirt with some caged sandals. Obsessed with wearing my hair up in the summer and the simplicity of my go to hoop earrings is the cherry on top.