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You can imagine things are getting pretty hectic here at the James household as we prepare for our first baby. (Only 7 weeks left!) We've made some additions to the house including a custom closet in our bedroom (hallelujah!), custom shelving in the breakfast area of our kitchen, converting Hubs' home office into Babyologie's nursery (she got a custom closet, too) and turning my home office into an office/guest room (we opted for a queen size sofa sleeper for versatility).

So, you'll see I haven't forgotten about blogging, I've just had my hands full.

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you'll see that I've been sharing tidbits here and there as the house comes together. The building and painting of things is pretty much done and now I get to decorate. I've decided to use yellow as an accent color in the kitchen/breakfast area and I'm going to keep the office/guest room neutral (khaki, white and black). Babyologie's room will be a pale mint with a variety of pastel and pale colors. Mint is so soothing, which was the overall feel I was going for.

We should be done with everything within the next four weeks (fingers crossed) and I'll take pictures. For now, here's some inspiration I've been using as I get the house together.

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