Being A 9to5'er, Freelancer & Entrepreneur

Mattieologie: Being A 9to5er, Freelancer & Entrepreneur

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As I write this post, I'm typing it in my Notes app on my iPhone during the busiest week of my 9 to 5. You see, I'm a showroom manager for a home decor company and every January there's this HUGE trade show. It's intense as I have to cater to the needs of my boss, the corporate sales team and of course, clients. I work ten days straight for 11 hours each day. The same show occurs in July. So I incur this madness, twice a year.

During off season, I'm OFF. Like, I'm here in the showroom handling minimal miscellaneous tasks and errands but for the most part I'm able to tackle personal business online. (My boss is based in New York & only around a few weeks before the show.) As a blogger - whose blog is her business - this is the ideal 9 to 5 situation for me. However, it's still a 9 to 5. I still have to show up everyday, meet the expectations set by my manager and abide by their rules on their turf.

In October 2013, I became the style editor of I like to tell folks it's the African American answer to Popsugar. I write about 10-20 stories weekly in addition to filming 4-8 videos monthly. I love working for CocoaFab. It's a lot with my workload for my blog and job, but it's helped me become a better writer and extend my freelancer experience. How is a freelancer different than an entrepreneur? I get paid to write and film on certain topics for CocoaFab. I don't have a boss, just deadlines. As an entrepreneur via Mattieologie, my goal is to create a stable profit with low risk. I can (and have) hired freelancers via Mattieologie to make it more profitable.

Right now, I make money via Mattieologie a variety of ways. Brand campaigns and affiliate links are the bulk of the profit, but I'm always looking to try different ways for the blog to grow. You may ask: why don't you sell a product? I am my product. My goal as an entrepreneur is to make a living off of being myself living my life.

At this point, I feel like I'm starting to outgrow the 9 to 5 stage. My freelance gigs bring in stable income & the blog is bringing in more than it ever has before. My vision as the woman I've always wanted to become never included working for someone else & I see myself closest to that vision than I ever have before.

I'm also a wife and new mother which has made this workload trilogy quite the tasks. I'm lucky enough that my spouse is my business partner, so the support is there but it's still tough. I just try my best to make my version of balance work.

As of late, a things to do list, keeping a brainstorm list of content ideas going and using an editorial calendar is reeeeeeeally helping me. The more detailed the better. Also, doing less with more focus. Aside from freelancing for CocoaFab, I also write for 2 other sites. So rather than look for new freelance gigs, I'm looking to write more & better content for the existing sites I write for.

As far as execution: I typically prep all/most of my blog content on the weekend. Then I write my freelance content in the am before noon. Then I can give my full attention to my 9 to 5 for the rest of the day. That's my ideal plan. Sometimes things overlap and I do what I have to do. But as long as I'm clear on what content to post and/or write and when, I usually will get it done.

As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Can you make an amazing living as a freelancer? Yes. A really good one. You can even do it as a 9 to 5'er. You just have to be clear on what you want. I want Mattieologie to pay my house and cars off, pay for #Babyologie's college tuition CASH and bring in generational profit. So, entrepreneurship is the name of the game for me. And as far as my story goes, I had to be 9 to 5'er and freelancer to get there.