dear-maizah-4-months-0126-2 dear-maizah-4-months-0126-3 Your smile is my absolute favorite thing in the world.

You've been sharing it a lot more lately which have made the long days we have totally worth it. I'm new to this mom thing, but I'm assuming you're teething because of all of the juicy mouthedness you have going on. It only adds to your cuteness.

You're discovering how to use your hands which is amazing to see. You tend to raise your fist in triumph like "Black Lives Matter!" and then you isolate your fingers in a very Janet Jackson a la Rhythm Nation fashion. You're starting to grasp things with your hands as well. You concentrate really hard at that, in fact. When you can't bring them to your mouth successfully you get frustrated and start to cry. But the most amazing part? You stop crying shortly after only to try again. I love that perseverance in you, Pookah. Keep it up. Never stop trying. Effort always pays off. When you do succeed, the grin on your face is priceless.

We start on solid foods this month which is a whole 'nother ball game. But as usual, I suspect we'll have a good - messy - time.

I love you. But most importantly, I like you.