Dear Maizah // 5 Months I love this photo of you and your Daddy. The bond you guys have makes me love the both of you more than I ever thought was humanly possible.

It seems like time is flying. Like how are you 5 months?

We've been eating solid foods and you are very into it. Not carrots, though. You hate those. The face you made when you tasted them was priceless. But, it's not funny. You have to eat them sometimes. I hear carrots are good for your eyes. However, you really like sweet potatoes and avocado. Avocados are your favorite. Mine, too. Like mother, like daughter.

You're getting more and more into reading - you love your Minnie Mouse 'Colors' book - and you're obsessed with eating your feet. And even though I try to stop you, your flexibility is impressive. You're rolling over, holding your head up a lot more and before you know, you won't need our help sitting up.

Classical music is totally your jam and you've become quite the little master at self soothing. You suck your thumb when you want to relax and I'm so impressed that you can put yourself to sleep. You're kind of the greatest baby ever. And by kind of, I mean totally.