Mattieologie: DIY Wall ArtI've been putting the very last touches on Babyologie's nursery (still!) but the gallery wall above her crib is my favorite. I bought some cute framed pieces for it, but also wanted to make some personalized art for her as well. I'm far from an artist, but canvas wall art can be super simple for ANYONE to make. I went with a splatter effect (how Jackson Pollack of me) and I'm pleased with the outcome. This would look amazing on a large canvas and would make a cute gift for the holidays or someone's birthday. Check out how I made this below.

Mattieologie: DIY Wall Art WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Acrylic paint (pick whatever colors you like; I chose three) canvas (whatever size you like) painter's tape art sponges thin paintbrush (not pictured)

Before starting, thoroughly newspaper your workspace to avoid getting paint on your table or floor!

diy-art-mattieologie-6 For the first of two pieces, I opted for textured geometric shapes before adding splatter. Tape up your canvas. (Looking back, I wish I had used thinner painter's tape since my canvas smaller.) But you can tape anyway you'd like. Criss cross, overlap, whatever. The more sporadic the tape, the better the outcome in my opinion.


Put paint on palette or paper then dip your sponge in it. Then dab sponge on different sections of the canvas. Depending on the texture of the sponge, you'll get a different finish.


Mattieologie: DIY Wall Art Carefully remove the tape. (Don't let the paint dry or else the tape will be harder to remove!)

diy-art-mattieologie-10 For my second piece: Take a thin paintbrush, dip it in your paint (on paper or on a palette), raise it above your palette then flick your wrist. You'll get an effect like this.

Mattieologie: DIY Wall Art You'll get different effects depending on the amount of paint on your brush (the more generous, the better - yet messier) and how you move your wrist. feel free to flick your wrist side to side OR up and down for a variety of finishes.

Mattieologie: DIY Wall Art And voila!

Mattieologie: DIY Wall Art I added splatter to my geometric piece as well!

That's it! I'm so pleased with how these turned out that I'll be creating a piece for my dining room. Such a fun, easy project to make your home look beautiful!