Doing Less With More Focus

Mattieologie: Doing Less With More FocusWhile I'm a firm believer in vision boards, I wouldn't say I'm attached to the notion of resolutions. I like to visualize my goals versus committing to a written "rule" or resolution. This year is a little different.

If you know me, you know I have a lot on my plate. I like it that way. It makes me feel accomplished, useful, important even. But sometimes you're busy doing everything that you're doing nothing. And I'm just better than that.

My 2015 resolution is: doing less with more focus.

I really have decided to trim the fat of my life out. I always have amazing ideas that sometimes fall short because I want to execute them ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Because of that, since I've actually become good at blogging (like, 2012ish) I haven't given myself the chance to become GREAT at it. If I was consistent and produced the content I've always wanted to versus trying to give that time and energy to a brand spanking new idea, Mattieologie would get the attention it deserves and my growth as a blogger would be sufficient to say the least.

Have I been blessed with awesome opportunities as a blogger? Absolutely. But I think about how much more would come my way if I had tunnel vision and didn't try to start something new every single month. So, with the exception of my freelance responsibilities, this year's priority is my blog and producing kick ass content. No launching a new idea. No relaunching an old idea I didn't execute properly the first time. Just laser focused on Mattieologie outfit posts, lifestyle tutorials and discussion plus amazing videos. And if you ask me, THAT'S A LOT. If it doesn't directly benefit the Mattieologie brand, it'll have to wait. I'm giving my blog baby the chance it deserves.

What's your 2015 resolution(s)? Do you have one? Or a lot of them? Let me know. I'd love to hear them!