Drugstore Red Lipsticks Worth Trying After a small battle with iMovie, I finally got a video up by the end of the week. This time I'm talking red lipsticks from the drugstore for all of my budget beauty buffs and what I like and don't like about each one. I go through 9 different lipsticks (actually, 8 lipsticks and a gloss) but it was important to me to give you guys honest opinions on these because it's already bought shopping for a red lipstick, especially if you're a woman of color. Hopefully, if you were looking for a new red lipstick or even thinking about giving it a try for once, this video is inspiration for that.

What are you favorite drugstore red lipsticks? I wanna know. Let me know in the comments. And please, if you haven't already, I'd truly appreciate if you subscribed to my YouTube channel. Happy Friday!