Happy Friday Links

Happy Friday Links Is it me or am I the only one excited that it's Friday?! Not only that but season 3 of House of Cards is finally on Netflix. I've only gotten up to episode 3 but it's still so good. I would say that I'm not going to try to finish all the episodes this weekend, but nobody likes a liar.

I do a lot of reading on the internets (yes, with an 's') during the week - especially this week with the snow-ish weather we got here in Atlanta - and I thought it would be fun to share what I've read. Looking to make this a regular thing.

Above is some delicious popcorn I made with my friend, Krissy. We thought we should get festive and make some fancy smancy popcorn for the return of House of Cards. Recipes from Pinterest of course. And I have to tell you, we knocked it out of the park. White chocolate funfetti popcorn, bacon ranch parmesan popcorn and herb butter popcorn (with rosemary and thyme). Here's what other fun things I read and got inspired by this week:

I'm all about making my brand stand out and Regina shares 20 amazing ways to do so. About branding. You know that awkward stage when you rebrand? If you keep at it, you'll get through it. Ria makes me want to be in the middle of a desert. Working on being a better leader and what not to tolerate. I'm doing a fun giveaway and answering all your questions on crochet braids.

Happy Friday!