Happy Friday Links // 3.13.15 Happy Friday! Even though the weather here in Atlanta is cool and rainy, it's the FIRST day this week it hasn't been 70 degrees. Tomorrow, it's back to being in the 70's (still rainy, though) and by next week we'll be close to 80. Above is a photo I took last week when Hubs and I visited Atlanta Botanical Garden for the Atlanta Macy's Advisory Council. This was a beautiful orchid at one of their beautiful indoor exhibits. I did not edit this photo at all and it was taken with my iPhone. The color, the shape, its presence just blew me away. Hope you guys had an amazing week. Here are my favorite links from the past seven days.

Pretty much a perfect weekend outfit.

Since I'm going vegan in a week, I've been looking for some great vegan recipes. This zucchini pasta recipe will definitely be used.

Staying in this week? Here are some great Xfinity on demand movie options to check out.

A great perspective on why having only one child isn't bad at all.

The post that easily convinced me to get into Benefit's Roller Lash mascara.

Jules makes it clear that olive green should be my go to color for spring.

An honest post about why startups (you could certainly switch out "startups" for "blogs", "small businesses" & other things) fail.

How did you live what you love this week?