Happy Thanksgiving (2014)

IMG_2286.JPGThis year we're in New Orleans to spend Thanksgiving with family. I'm currently sitting here, blogging from my phone, the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is playing on the TV in the background as I watch Hubs put #Babyologie to sleep. My automatic thought is that I am most grateful for the two of them.

The list could go on. God has always been good, but it seems like He's been best to me this year. I've become a mother, my marriage is stronger than ever and from a surface standpoint life is great as well. My freelance career is soaring, the blog is making a noticeable income, my house looks awesome and to be honest, my postpartum snapback has been better than I expected.

But after the 45 seconds I process all of this, I experience a certainty that I've never felt before. While all of the above are obvious blessings & things to be boundlessly grateful for, this year I'm most thankful for being comfortable in my skin. The kind of comfort where I'm grateful for what I have before I'm concerned with what others think about it. That kind of gratefulness leaves me nothing short of full.

I hope you guys have or find that type of gratefulness this Thanksgiving. Wishing you and yours a holiday full of love, laughter & good food!