Mattieologie: Hell WeekThis was me last year during what I like to call "hell week" - a twelve day stretch where I work straight until a day off, 6 of those days for 12 hours. I thought it was so hard.

This week was hell week and now, I have a 3 month old.

This past week has been the longest week EVER as it usually is. Today is my eighth day. I really wanted to use the excuse of "work is so hectic that I'm not going to blog today", but I'm pushing through. I encourage you to do the same.

Something different happened to me today. You see, I've been on a blogging roll and since I've narrowed all of my focus to be on my blog this year, I just couldn't end the day without posting. Even if it is 11:08p at night. I would've gotten this up sooner, but to tell you the truth, today got the best of me. I tried my best to go in super focused and organized, but failed. I'm a bit scatterbrained because I'm so tired. Oh so tired. I'm just mentally physically drained. But every time I think I can't make it, I successfully wrap up a hell week. In fact, this is my seventh one. (I have them twice a year - in January and July.)

But I figured, if I could post during hell week, I could post no matter what is thrown my way this year. My challenge to myself has been two posts a day - two quality posts. Things you guys actually care about, things that are relevant to Mattieologie, relevant to living what I love. But today is just one of those super real posts where I reiterate how human I am.

In fact, right now I'm pumping as Hubs puts Babyologie down (I tried to get her to sleep for the last 1.5 hours) as I write this post. I thought we'd even get to record this week's podcast tonight, but that just isn't going to happen.

It doesn't get any more real than that.