How To Have a Kick Ass Pinterest

How To Have A Kick Ass Pinterest In case I haven't shared before, I am seriously obsessed with Pinterest. I love everything about it. It's like having a digital scrapbook at your fingertips. I use it for inspiration (on those I don't know what to wear or do with my hair days), reference (hey recipes!) and research (those tutorial and how to guides are everything). When I spoke at Mississippi State a few weeks ago, I met a young lady who had been following me on Pinterest for 2 years! I was very humbled and she asked the question "how did you decide to organize your Pinterest boards?" In the beginning, it was totally organic but after meeting folks like Moorea Seal at Texas Style Council last year who really have a huge following on Pinterest, I started to be a lot more strategic with it. With everyone from readers to my sister saying "I have Pinterest but I just don't know where to start", I thought I'd share the few things I do to keep my Pinterest boards interesting. Here are 3 ways to start a Pinterest account and eventually have a kick as Pinterest brand.

FOLLOW GREAT PINNERS WHO POST REGULARLY Just like most social media networks, you need to follow people to fully maximize the experience. In the beginning, follow at least 30 to 50 pinners who post content that intrigues you and who post regularly. The more the people who you follow pin, the more content you'll have on your home page to potentially post yourself. 30 to 50 pinners who post regularly is much better than following 400 people who post sporadically. Not only is it quality over quantity, but it's context over content. If you're motivated by home decor, recipes and DIY tutorials, you may not want to follow people (or their boards) who post mostly runway and street style fashion photos.

How To Have A Kick Ass Pinterest

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ORGANIZE YOUR BOARDS DELIBERATELY My best friend, Shay, is phenomenal at this. She's an attorney who loves coffee and is an expert at diversity. You can tell this about her without even speaking to her because of how she organizes her boards. She's even shared a board with me where she pins great articles and photos for first time moms. She's easily one of my favorite people on Pinterest.

I'm all for a good pun and catchy phrases, but when it comes to your Pinterest boards, keep it straight to the point. On my account, I organize my boards by color & niche, just so when I go back and reference my pins, it's easy for me to find certain things. Also, there are people who follow me and others who just follow certain boards. Clear cut titled boards like, "It Girls", "Home Decor", "Yellow" or "Baby!" make it very clear what I'm posting. It also makes it waaaaaaay easier for people to find you in search when your boards are named appropriately.

UTILIZE THE PINTEREST TOOLS Very seldom do I pin on my laptop or desktop. The Pinterest app for iPhone is amazing and super convenient. I tend to pin on my phone at night for 15-30 minutes before I go to bed. You should also download the "Pin It" button for your computer for times your perusing your favorite blogs and websites and want to pin content directly from there to your account. If you're a blogger, be sure to add a "Pin it" button to your posts and pin your latest posts. (If you're interested in what people are pinning from your site, you can check with EX: