Mattieologie: My Hair StoryOk. I'll be honest. It's not my ENTIRE hair story. That would an overwhelmingly long post.

But in the last 12 months, I've had an array of hair looks. My own hair is natural and has grown quite a bit since pregnancy. (I've heard that some people lose some hair after childbirth, but I've been one of the lucky ones who hasn't. Finger crossed!) If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm the queen of a protective style. Box braids, sew-in, you name it and I've probably tried it at least once. I had to admit, but I'm extremely lazy when it comes to my hair. My natural hair is fine, so I don't like to keep it out because I only end up putting heat on it.

Mattieologie: My Hair Story Last summer, I rocked box braids which was my go to style growing up (center + top right photo). I was Brandy's biggest fan growing up, so I rocked braids because of her. Revisiting the look last year was awesome. Big chunky box braids are so fun to throw up in a bun. I had a blast styling them. They also had an irresistible appeal when I wore them down as well.

Last November, I wore a long - probably the longest I've ever had - weave in a dark brown color (top center + bottom right photo). I absolutely LOVED this hair. It was from Limelight Extensions and it was so easy to manage. I could pin curl this hair and the curls would literally last for a week. The hair was so good that I ended using it for my next installation and colored it. I went for a caramel hue (center right photo), but kept the length. My stylist just trimmed the hair to give me more noticeable layers.

This spring and summer, I opted for a short curly hair wig here and there but mostly wore my natural hair (top left photo). My hair is finally long enough where I put it in a topknot and keep it moving. I wore one for my baby shower and my maternity photos which was the best option as a pregnant lady. Low maintenance, low fuss.

At the very end of summer and just a couple of weeks before Babyologie arrived, I knew I wanted to wear a protective style, but I wasn't in a position to sit for the 6-8 hours it takes to get box braids done. I had been perusing Instagram and YouTube and rediscovered crochet braids. If you're unfamiliar, crochet braids is pretty much cornrowing your natural and then "looping" or "crocheting" loose braiding hair in the cornrows. The first time I got crochet braids, I chose Marley hair. Most people put curling rods in them to create a curly texture, but I really like the natural state of the Marley hair. It made the style look more natural.

A couple of weeks ago, I had crochet braids installed again, but I had it styled with braiding hair that had a tight curl. I'm very pleased. And I like this look because it's SUPER easy to maintain. If you're lazy like me and like a protective style, crochet braids are a great option.

As of late, I've been liking my hair to have a more textured + natural appeal. But knowing me, that could change in January.

What's you hair story? How are you wearing your hair now? Trying something new in 2015? Let me know in the comments below :)