Putting Together A Baby Nursery

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby NurseryWhile we're only about 40% done with Babyologie's nursery, I thought I'd share the little bit of progress we've gotten done. We literally have 22 days before our little munchkin gets here and we want to make sure her room is done for her arrival. (We totally get that we won't sleep in there until she's closer to a year old, but I digress.)

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby Nursery One thing that was really important to me was that she had a lot of books and hopefully enjoys reading. She's not here yet, but Hubs and I try our best to read to her in the evening so she's familiar with our voices and gets used to being read to. I took the two bookshelves (from Target) that were in my office and caddy cornered them to maximize space in the nursery. I like that they were already white and lightweight. The plan is to style all of her books, stuffed animals and knick knacks on there. I scored those adorable Scrabble letters from Hobby Lobby. They were originally $9.99 each (which is a bit steep) but they were on clearance for $3 each. I really wanted to spell out "READ" but all the E's were gone so "BOOKS" was the next best thing. If $3 a block is still a bit much for you and you enjoy DIY, I found a good tutorial for Scrabble letters here.

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby Nursery

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby Nursery If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen me share Babyologie's closet from the beginning. Like, before the nursery was even painted. I got inspiration from here to what I wanted her closet to look like. Hubs sketched it out with measurements and gave to our contractor to execute. Very pleased with how it came out. I'm now in the organizing stage.

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby Nursery For whatever reason, I've become obsessed with elephants during my pregnancy. I originally wanted the nursery to be baby safari themed and I'm clearly biased towards elephants. I have elephant crib sheets, elephant canvas art and much more. I scored this oversized canvas art piece from work and thought it would look great over her little cubby fixture where I'm currently storing diapers, her video monitor, crib sheets and other items. I also scored this fixture from work, but it's honestly just a dupe of IKEA's Kallax (what used to be Expedit) fixture.

Mattieologie: Putting Together A Baby Nursery On the other wall where her crib will be facing, I'll be doing a gallery wall of baby animal sketches (think lions, tigers & bears...oh my!) and cute sayings. The couple that I've scored have been from Hobby Lobby (they are having a fantastic 50% off framed art sale until this Saturday) and I have a few saved on my Baby! & Home Decor Pinterest boards that I'd like to get. A current favorite? Lindsay Letters. Like, obsessed.

What we're getting in the next week or so, a rug, curtains, crib and a chandelier. A girlfriend of mine has been linking me to all of her favorite IG/Etsy shops so I'm certainly open to any suggestions. I need all the help I can get! Learning that putting a baby nursery together can be tough, but as long as you have a plan with what you want things to look and feel like, take baby steps on getting there.