Mattieologie: #Scandal Snacks - The Olitz
Ok, so I'm not as clever as some - like, Luvvie - to come up with humorous blog posts recapping Scandal episodes BUT I'm pregnant which means I appreciate a good snack more than ever. So I decided to share my Scandal snacks with you all every Thursday (well, we'll see how it goes). First up is something for my sweet tooth foodies. I can it the "Olitz". It's got a little bit of chocolate and a little bit of vanilla. You know, like - wait for it - Olivia and Fitz. Ok, here's what you'll need:

an 18oz pack of regular Oreos
two 4 packs of chocolate pudding
an 8oz tub of Cool Whip
8 8oz mason jars



First take about 10-15 Oreos put in a bag (I suggest a Ziploc storage bag - about the size of a quart) and then pound with a mallet to create bits and pieces. Then create makeshift icing bags by putting pudding and Cool Whip in their own separate Ziploc storage bags and cut the tip of one corner. Take a mason jar and begin to layer. Don't be too generous just so you have space for two layers of each ingredient. First start out with Oreo pieces. Then layer chocolate pudding. Then layer Cool Whip. That should take up half of the the mason jar. Repeat layering. The last layer of Cool Whip can come above the rim. To add some flair, garnish with a whole Oreo. Stand it in the Cool Whip about half way, vertically.

Repeat for the the other 7 mason jars or however many you'd like to make. Add more Oreos in the bag to break up for more pieces and add more pudding and/or Cool Whip accordingly.

The mason jars, t. They were a little under $8, for a dozen of them. This is the perfect snack for a Scandal party, dinner party, baby shower, etc.


And there you have it. Our first official #Scandal snack. Let me know what you think. Do you have any favorite snacks you like to nibble on during Scandal? Don't hold out, share!