Sponsored: Point Blank Period #DemoDiaries

Mattieologie: Point Blank Period #DemoDiariesThis is a sponsored post for U by Kotex through The bLink Marketing Network. U by Kotex provided me products to review. You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too and Do the Demo. All opinions shared are my own.

So, here's the thing. Here on Mattieologie, I talk about style, shopping, clothes, accessories, all things feminine. But nothing reminds us about being a woman than our Monthly Friend.

It's always looked as a negative though. Yes, Monthly Friend doesn't have the greatest of symptoms but in 2014, we can certainly make it a lot easier on ourselves. My friends over at U by Kotex realize that women aren't just sitting around waiting for our Monthly Friend and that we have a lifestyle that doesn't need to be interrupted by it. It really should just go with the flow. Pun intended?

It's all about knowing what works best for you and why. Maybe you're an entrepreneur who has an unpredictable schedule or you're a student who also happens to be an athlete. As a blogger who still works a 9 to 5, I need products that are easy to deal with and doesn't cause a scene just because it's that time of the month. And of course, I have no room for accidents. We all have different lifestyles with different needs but the same Monthly Friend. It's coming whether we like it or not, point blank period.

Take a look at the goods U by Kotex has and figure out what works best for you. Trust me. They've got us all covered.

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through The bLink Marketing Network on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

Photo by Porsha Antalan