feb-2015-things-to-do-0202-2Happy Black History Month!

I love that this month is a perfect month! (starts on Sunday, ends on Saturday) It just makes the calendar look nice and even. I'm a nerd like that.

Anyways, this month I get to celebrate Valentine's Day with my love, my parents are visiting and I'm going to launch a newsletter. The first month of 2015 is already done, so I'm going to get these "brilliant" ideas I have with brands I've always wanted to work with out and cross my fingers. Hey. The worst they can tell me is "no".

For Valentine's Day, Hubs and I always make our way over the the FOX Theatre and catch Alvin Ailey. As someone who grew up dancing - yes, ballet, tap, all that jazz since I was 5 - this is always a treat. If you've never been, I encourage you to check it out. In fact, my friend Lucy is doing a fun giveaway of tickets to the show.

Press kits can be overwhelming. Especially if you only update them once a year like myself. I'm committed to not only updating my press kit, but more so on a quarterly basis since my social media numbers are increasing a lot quicker then they have in the past. I also want to thoroughly get my Press page together. I think doing both will essentially help each other.

I get tons of questions about how to pitch brands and work with them. It's a process for any and everyone, no matter how often you've gotten the chance to. You still have to come up with an idea and make it make sense for both your brand and theirs. I have some pretty fantastic ideas for my YouTube channel and brands I already have existing relationships with. Going to draft up a deck for each of them and reach out. Excited to see how my ideas will be received.

Many of you have so many awesome questions about blogging, blogging full time, turning your blog into a brand, pitching brands, etc. Since I've put Style Bloggers of Color on hold indefinitely, I realized how important getting you guys answers and transparent information is to me. I'm working on creating HELPFUL and VALUABLE content. Looking to share that content coming in the next couple of months. Just in time for spring. Feel free to ask ANY questions you have about blogging, branding, etc in the comments below or even on my Ask.fm. Happy to answer and it'll certainly help on the content I'm currently developing for you guys.

Absolutely stoked about the newsletter I'm developing. After reading a slew of blogs and newsletters, I realized, there's no newsletter really out there focusing on the everyday Black girl or fabulous things for under $100. So, you know me. If I don't see it, I make it. One of my 93202308 ideas, but I think we're all going to be pretty pleased with this one. It's free to sign up and it comes straight to your inbox. Everything from beauty, apparel, shoes, bag & home decor. Stay tuned for more information coming this month.

Giving baby back to God is a priority and now that she's 4 months, I thought the time was right to plan her baby dedication. Scheduling with the church has been unexpectedly pretty difficult, but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to schedule it for the top of March right when my parents are visiting.

When Mom and Dad are in town, I'm a happy girl. They are still my two favorite people. Mommy cooks my favorite foods, I convince Daddy to buy me stuff...

I hope everyone's first month of 2015 was fantastic! Loving this Things To Do list template? You can download it here. If you're looking for a variety, check my Things To Do list templates from January, December & November.

Love this list template? Download it here.