Things To Do: March 2015

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Ah, another beginning. When the start of a new month arrives, it's always refreshing. It's another chance to get it right. February  just whisked by it seems like and I don't what it was, but everything seemed very cluttered last month. As it came to a close, I feel like I started organizing everything and gaining a new sense of clarity. This month will also mark the start of a new season and daylight savings time which triggers productivity. For me anyways. Nothing like light and warm to get your day going. Here's what I've got to do this month:


We're giving Maizah back to the Lord this coming Sunday and I'm so excited about it. It might sound cheesy, but it's something I've looked forward to since she was born. Because our church is non-denominational, it's a dedication versus a christening, but I'm ecstatic to see family for such an important moment in her life.


I shared on Twitter recently that I would be creating a "How To Elevate Your Personal Brand" e-guide here on the blog. I've had more than a handful of rants about how to improve your personal brand so I decided to organize all those thoughts, remove the rant topping and present in the form of an e-guide. The awesome part? Will be totally free.


I'm not sure if I've shared this before, but I have fibroids. I was told that it was the cause of my miscarriage in 2011, but I was fortunate to have an amazingly healthy pregnancy with Maizah regardless of having very large ones. I've decided to get rid of them holistically so I'm going completely vegan by the middle of the month for 60 entire days to kick their butt. I'll keep you posted. I actually purchased Chef Ahki's Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide and looking forward to it.


I know it's only 3 miles and then some, but I'm like reallllllly out of shape. But so excited to be doing the Color Run with my sister next month!


My dear friend, Erica, is having her first baby in May and I am more than thrilled to throw her baby shower. Sending out invites this week and I can't wait till she sees what me and her loved ones have planned for her.


My parents and sister will be in town in a few days for the baby's dedication and I can't hardly wait. Those three kids are my favorite. So lucky God chose me to be their daughter and sister. Incessant laughter to ensue.


I have a lot - like, A LOT - of photos of myself, but none of them are normal headshots to use in a program or even just to have on hand. Looking to get 2-3 headshot options so when I need them, I have them.


Working on a little something for you guys. Part style + beauty, part motivation/inspiration. Making sure that I do it right and start strong, but I should have something to share before the month ends.

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