Mattieologie: Ultraviolet

DRESS: H&M // SHOES: ShoeMint // NECKLACE: J.Crew // BAG: Target // LIPSTICK: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in "Shameless"

It's so funny. I was initially so frustrated when I was going through the photos for this post, because Hubs managed to get some great shots of me but they were blurry because the lighting was uber weird that day. However, I did manage to find one clear shot of me.

Over the last few years - these last 12 months especially - I've been seeing myself a lot clearer. A lot of times we look in the mirror and can easily find what's WRONG with us versus who we wonderfully are. A lot of times we're comparing ourselves to what society says we should look like thanks to magazines or movies. Other times, it's self inflicted and we're comparing ourselves to our parents or even close friends. At church yesterday, Pastor made a great point. If we saw ourselves like God sees us, we'd be a lot more pleased.

Regardless of what you believe in - for me as a Christian, it's Jesus - if He can love you, why wouldn't you love yourself as well?

There have been a few times I haven't done something or gone after a goal because in my mind I wasn't worthy enough. Or I gave my competition too much credit. Newsflash: we tend to underestimate ourselves while overestimating our competition. I've learned this as time has gone by and learned that the thing I was scared to go after the most was right there waiting for me.

When you believe you're worthy, worthwhile opportunities present themselves to you. And so, when it comes to what I want in life, I make sure I see the ultraviolet version of myself. I'm beyond the spectrum, but only if I see it, say it and believe it.