Mattieologie: Valentine Mattieologie: Valentine

Mattieologie: Valentine

BLAZER: MANGO // TOP: thrifted // SKIRT: Urban Outfitters // BOOTIES: JustFab // EARRINGS: Mattieologie

Hope you kids had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend. The ice and snow here in Atlanta had finally melted away so Hubs and I headed to brunch and went to the movies to see Robocop and About Last Night. Both ere entertaining. I'm an action movie junkie so Robocop was just my speed. Kevin Hart is hilarious to me, so About Last Night was the perfect rom com. We also had the genius idea of doing Valentine's Day activities early on in the day to beat the crowd and it worked out perfectly. We did the romantic dinner thing on Saturday night.

Three years ago if you would have told I would've worn this outfit, I wouldn't have believed you. Mostly because I wasn't sure on how to exactly mix color, pattern AND texture in an outfit. If you throw a neutral in there, I used black in this instance, you can usually figure the rest out. If you keep things in the same color family/temperature. Because of the leopard print blazer, the red blouse was a perfect add on because they both consist of warm colors. And if you ask me, leopard print is TOTALLY a neutral.

Hubs also got me white roses. My favorite. Hubs. Not the flowers :)

all photos by Porsha Antalan