write it all out write2

The pink notebook is my Editorial notebook (CocoaFab, Mattieologie). The white & gold is my Things To Do notebook.


I try my best to keep organized with everything that I have going on by handwriting things. It keeps me organized. It gets me further. It makes me productive. This past weekend, I found some fantastic notebooks and thank you cards for a fantastic price at TJ Maxx. I scored each of the notebooks for $4.99 each and each of my Thank You card sets for $4.99 for 15 plus envelopes!

As I've shared on here before, I work a 9 to 5, I'm the style editor for CocoaFab and I blog here. It can get very overwhelming to the point where I don't want to do anything. AT ALL. But the days I discipline myself and write down everything I need to do my productivity is through the roof! The key to my things to do list is action words. If I have to do something as simple as call UPS, I write down "call UPS to confirm the cost of printing". That way I have an action and why it needs to be completed. Instead of "complete posts" I write "Post 4 stories on CocoaFAB" and I'll bullet what my four stories are. For me, someone who can get lost on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram for an hour without even feeling it, I need to be that specific and detailed to ensure I'm productive.

As far as thank you cards are concerned, it's such a class act way of saying, I'm grateful for what you did for me and want to let you know that it was worth writing you about. Nowadays, emails are SO common that they're expected. But anytime you receive a handwritten note, a physical invite, you tend to feel really special. It's a great way to stand out in someone's mind. And there's so many irresistible thank you cards that I feel it's only right share. If you want to take it up a notch, pair it with a gorgeous floral arrangement or cupcakes. I have yet to meet anyone who isn't turned on my cupcakes.

Honestly, I feel like handwritten things to do lists + handwritten notes have helped me along the way. If you're looking to up your productivity or make a lasting impression, I encourage you to give it a try for yourself.