3 Secrets To Being Successful On Periscope As A Blogger

While no one asked me this question, it’s something that I wanted to share as Periscope has helped me to immediately grow my brand. Here are 3 secrets to being successful on Periscope as a blogger.


  • Position yourself as an expert.
  • EXAMPLE: Depending on your blog type, this is a great place to get conversation started with your followers.
  • Talk about things in depth. Share secrets with readers.
  • Answer questions in real time about your niche.


  • This is a great way to connect with your readers.
  • You can learn people’s name and their stories. This will help you to better serve them as a blogger.
  • Humanize yourself, and make yourself relatable.
  • EXAMPLE: When people know you’re a human being, they tend to trust you more.


  • Treat Periscope like it’s a commercial.
  • Make sure to let your watchers know all of your social channels.
  • EXAMPLE: I was able to host the ‘Blog Better’ webinar because of how I promoted on Periscope
  • Periscope is one of the most effective promotion tools on the internet right now.

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