Mattieologie: A New Season This post wasn't planned, but I thought that as I enter this new chapter in my life, I should be transparent with you.

My 9 to 5 gig did some restructuring and decided to let me go earlier this month. I suspected that the end was near, but I was still blindsided by the whole thing. And while the income was secure, I felt the biggest sense of relief. I've always wanted to give myself a fair chance at blogging - as a career. So, I'm very much so *inevitably* a full time blogger. It's not as glamorous as I once imagined, but boy, does it feel good to be doing things on my terms.

You may have noticed that the content here has become more frequent, more consistent, more intentional. That's because I've never been more clear on what the purpose of Mattieologie is. I believe that anyone - including myself - can have style, a blog & a life that they love. You just have to decide to.

So everyday that I post, everyday that I create something here on the blog, I'm repeatedly making the decision to love the way I look, love the words I write, love the work I do & love the life I live and my intention always is to make sure those sentiments are contagious. I actually do wholeheartedly believe in my tagline, "Live What You Love." And my main goal, my utmost priority, is to make sure after visiting Mattieologie, that you do, too.

While today literally marked the first day of a new season - hello, summer! - it also marked the beginning of a new life chapter for me. I always thought that I would only pull off the facade of full time blogging while actually freelancing for a couple sites or having a flexible 9 to 5. But it's not about thinking, it's about believing. And if you step out on faith, work your butt off & exceed expectations, God has this flawless way of taking care of the rest.

If there is anything you really want in life, I challenge you this season to go forth and work until you get it. Don't leave it to chance, don't count yourself out. Leave the Universe no choice but to reward you everything you dreamed of because your effort not only matched, but surpassed your hope.

Here's to a new season, where our work will make all of our dreams come true.