How To Find Your Niche & Maximize It It's important to find a niche and maximize it to your benefit, so you can provide the utmost value to your audience via your blog, business or product. Finding my niche helped me increase income flow. So in today's episode, I'm going to break down how to find your niche and maximize it to the fullest.

A topic is not a niche

  1. If your topic on your blog is food, that’s not a niche.
  2. Example: Food blogger, your niche should be how to prepare food, and who you’re preparing for.
  3. You have to crack the surface and get deep down into topic.
  4. Take your topic and break it down. When you break things down you will build your content up.


Be explicit

  1. It’s so important, yet so hard.
  2. Figure it out by talking to a business best friend. Family or friends don’t know, and you need to talk to someone familiar in the field you’re writing about.
  3. If you can’t be explicit with yourself, take some constructive criticism from someone you respect.

Combine what you like with what you’re good at

  1. Example: you’re a dancer who loves kids. Teach a kids dance class.
  2. When you figure out what your specific audience is, you can figure out your value.
  3. You provide clarity to finding your niche.

decide on it & commit

  1. Commitment to niche is the only way to master it.
  2. You can have multiple niches, but before you can have that you must master one niche.
  3. Example: Singers who become actors

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It’s okay to edit

  1. Don’t think you’re missing out on opportunities.
  2. We get so caught up in quantity, but forget quality.
  3. When you edit, it creates clarity for self and readers.
  4. If you can communicate your message clearly, you will always maximize.
  5. You don’t need bells & whistles, rely on your message.

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