Ask Mattie: How To Ask For Advice Appropriately In the very first episode of my new podcast, Ask Mattie - where I answer your questions on how to achieve a style, blog & life you love - I'm sharing how to ask for advice appropriately. If you've ever asked someone for advice in the past via email and these emails have been "cold" (meaning you've never interacted or had an exchange with the person you're emailing) there's a few things you can do to get a positive response.

  • support this person in regularly and visibly so when you do email them, they're familiar with you
  • pay for a consultation, workshop, webinar and/or eBook from them
  • ask for them to be your mentor (only after supporting them for a while) and know that it's a two way street - you should be able to add something to relationship, too - even if it's free coffee or lunch
  • recently posted on finding an amazing mentor

This podcast series is short and sweet, will happen Monday-Friday (if the content permits) and will usually only be 15 minutes or less. It's a way for me to answer my frequently asked questions in a thorough way. I'll always provide show notes in case you missed something.

If you have a question for me on style, life or blogging, send your name, URL & city + your question to [email protected]. Listen below.

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