How To Ask For Money Profesionally

Twitter follower @browngirlsstyle asks me about asking for money from a company after doing work for free. Today, I’m talking about how you’re able to ask professionally without burning the bridge.  Asking for money professionally doesn’t have to be scary, but it has to be done in an effective way. Here are the top 5 ways to get it done.


  • Let the company know the differences, so that they are able to see why they should compensate you.
  • EXAMPLE: Did your twitter following increase? Has your readership been on the rise?


  • Very important, because this will help you avoid doing anything for free in the future.
  • Once you start taking money from companies, you have to figure out what your price point is for a specific task.
  • Setting a standard sets a tone for how a brand treats you.


  • A lot of times you do something free for a brand, and you ASSUME that they will pay you the next time.
  • If you did something for free the first time and you never communicated that you wanted to be paid, then it’s really your fault.
  • Ask not, have not.
  • EXAMPLE: “Although our first partnerships were free, my readership has tripled since we've begun working together. Moving forward, I charge ____ for each video/partnership. Looking forward to continuing our relationship.”


  • After you send the email about your growth and wanting to be paid, there is a chance that the company won’t want to work with you anymore.
  • It could be the end of a relationship, or even just a pause. But maybe they’ll realize how valuable you are.
  • Don’t let it hold you back from asking for the money you deserve, because you have an audience and you’ve grown.

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