Mattieologie: How To Create A Morning Routine You'll Love

In the past, if I had to be somewhere at 9am with a 30 minute commute, I’d set my alarm for 7am. I’d hit the snooze button shamelessly until about 7:50a, then I’d frantically rush to brush my teeth, put makeup on & get dressed - which would take 10 minutes longer than I needed it to because I still had no idea what I would wear. Then without a doubt, I’d leave the house by 8:40a making me at least 10 minutes late. All while starving because I didn’t have time to eat let alone drink a glass of water.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’m not a morning person by nature. But for me to nurture not only my family and business to success, I had to train myself how to become. After listening to Hal Elrod - the author of The Miracle Morning - on the Smart Passive Income podcast, he made me want to become a morning person IMMEDIATELY. On that same podcast, host Pat Flynn shared his morning routine a few weeks later. Then I came across Dale Partridge’s post on how to become a morning person and LOVE it. (His post on how to have an insanely productive morning is blog post gold, as well.)

Me? Love waking up in the morning voluntarily JUST BECAUSE? I had to read it. And see if it was possible. And guess what, friends? It totally is.

Does it take effort? Absolutely. This is a how to blog post not internet sorcery where what you read will absolutely happen because you read it. But benefits far surpass the effort and once you make it a habit, it’ll be hard to go back to hitting that snooze button repeatedly.

For me, I’ve been making an effort to wake up between 5:30a and 6a.


The game changer for making me a happy morning person was eliminating decisions in the first hour I was awake. The only logical way to do that is by prepping the night before. As a mom, I can’t tell you how important and helpful this is. Even Hubs can attest to it. The trick is creating a routine. Pretty much a daily system that you go through the first part of the day without thinking. You just get up, wash your face and DO. The reason why this is so important is because decision making takes “fuel” aka energy. Energy that could be put towards work and for me, being creative. Prepping for 30 minutes the night before creates a day of peace and clarity. The next five things I’m about to share with you are my routine and I prep each step the night before.


The night before, I’ve prepped my phone timer to 10 minutes. Once I wash my face and hydrate, I go straight into silence/prayer/meditation for 10 minutes. For me this is mostly prayer and I just thank God for certain things in my life and then ask Him for favor over my family, friends, blog & business. It was tough in the beginning - 10 minutes seems so long especially if your mind is wandering - but I really made an effort to have an honest conversation with God and now my 10 minutes expands to 15 or 20 minutes. And I feel so alive afterwards.


This is so incredibly important. And as someone who isn’t usually hungry until 2 hours of waking up, cold water gets your metabolism going because it has to work to warm it up which is the only way it can digest it. I also look at it as “oiling up your engine” and make sure everything is ready to work properly for the day. It’s not rocket science, it’s drinking water. Everyone knows that it’s good for you, but we don’t start our day with it and we should. We have a water dispenser, so to eliminate making a decision, I put a mason jar right under the cold water dispenser. When I wake up, all I have to do is press a button, then drink.


Journaling is one of those things as an adult that I’ve always wanted to do but never knew how to without seeming like a teeny bopper writing in her diary. But I learned about the 5 Minute Journal and essentially you write down 3 things you’re grateful for each day. It takes 5 minutes and it sets the tone for your day. I have a gorgeous notebook that I scored from Target not too long ago and loved it so much, I wanted to save it for something good. This was just the thing. The night before I write down the day and date and place my pen on the page and close it. I don’t have to wonder what day it is or even look for a pen the next morning, I just open it and write.


I get it. Working out seems daunting enough let alone doing it first thing in the morning. I’m not the “let me go run 3 miles” kind of girl, but I found a great 10 minute yoga morning workout on YouTube that gets the blood flowing without it being too overwhelming. And RIGHT after, I literally am ready for anything. My energy is officially through the roof.


At this point, your body will be screaming at you if you don’t. At least mine is. After that glass of water and work out my body is ready for a meal. I’ll take a quick shower and have a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. I have this delicious instant organic oatmeal that I love, so I just place the packet in the bowl and have the blueberries prewashed in a sandwich bag front and center in my fridge. I just hot water to the oatmeal and then toss the blueberries in there and I’m done with breakfast in about 5-10 minutes. I’ll read an article on one of my favorite blogs or sites to set the tone for the day.

By this point, an hour has passed and Hubs + Babyologie are usually up. But Hubs has been great on letting me get through my routine before interrupting me. And I’ve prepped him for success in the morning as well as far as getting all of baby’s food, clothes and bag ready to go, so he doesn’t have a reason to interrupt me. While we haven’t been in this routine long and with a young baby it’ll change every couple of months or so, this works for me…for us. So I’m going to keep this as close to the same as I possibly can.

If you can create a morning routine for yourself, I highly suggest you do. You will be so much useful and productive in every aspect in your life. And you will notice the results instantly.

Do you already have a morning routine that works wonders? How has it helped your day to day life?