How To Decline PR Pitches in Email Without Being Rude

How To Decline PR Pitches in Email Without Being Rude Sometimes when I get an email, this is how I want to react. But you know, politics.

All jokes aside, I'm not a shady person and it's important to me that I always convey professionalism in all my emails. And as a blogger, I get a lot of emails. And most of them, I turn down. Here's why:

It's impossible to accept every PR pitch that comes your way. And sometimes brand campaign or collaboration budgets don't match your fee. But what I find to be the case even if the budget is there, is that what a PR company or brand is offering just doesn't match the aesthetic or the mission of your blog. I always think about my reader when it comes to the partnerships I participate in and never promote products I don't like or believe in. That doesn't mean that products and brands I don't want to work with are bad, they're just not good for me.

How To Decline A PR Pitch in Email Without Being Rude

Here's an example of what I say in an email when I decline a PR pitch:

"Hey [insert PR company or brand name here],

Thanks so much for reaching out. The [name of the pitch or collaboration] sounds great, but just isn't compatible with the goals of Mattieologie for this year. 

Certainly keep me in mind for any style specific opportunities that arise in the future. 

Hope today is being good to you!"

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It's short and sweet, yet to the point. You've acknowledged their email, let them know that their pitch doesn't work currently for you, but not to rule you out in the future.

I know that getting a lot of emails can be overwhelming, but responding can potentially build solid relationships that benefit your blogging career later.