How To Get Your Partner To Understand Your Vision

Alyx wants to know the best way to get her boyfriend on board with her vision for her blog. While he may support her vision, he doesn’t truly understand. Today, I explain 3 things you can do to possibly get your partner on board and get him (or her) to fully understand your vision.


Be sure to commit to whatever it is you are doing. If your partner sees you working consistently on this task, he or she is more likely to take what you do seriously. While he may not understand, he will respect it.


  • We should articulate how we feel. This step is mostly overlooked because we assume someone we are in a relationship should understand.
  • Do not expect what you don’t express. It’s your responsibility to clarify that you want their support and how you feel.
  • EXAMPLE: Have a conversation with your partner and let them know how important this is to you, and that you want them on board with you.

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  • Do not ask for what you are not providing.
  • Each person needs to be supported in a different way. Everybody communicates differently.
  • EXAMPLE: If you’re looking for your partner to support you, you should be supporting them in the way they need as well.

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