How To Make A Living By Being Yourself If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that my mantra is #livewhatyoulove. On the surface, it's a cute saying that looks cute on a shirt or on wall art. But when you dig deeper, it means making a living off of what you love to do. Even better, you can make a living by being YOURSELF. But there's a bit of a problem:

A lot of people don't know what they want to do because they haven't decided who they want to be.

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One of the coolest things about the internet is that you can create a business easier than ever before and build an effective personal brand where essentially you make a living for being yourself. Being yourself doesn't equate to being overly materialistic while trying to do what everyone else is doing. I started out a style blogger because I'm passionate about approachable personal style and everyday beauty. Over the years, I've grown to truly love using blogging as a platform to support my personal brand while I help others live what they love. But that's my story. Not yours. And that's totally okay. Your story matters and it's your responsibility to know that and share it. If you're not a style blogger, that's fine. If you don't want to be an online marketer & sell courses or become a music artist, that's fine. But whatever you do and no matter who you are, you can both benefit and build a career by just being you.

You're probably reading this because you feel like you're missing something. Maybe there's some special potion you need to drink for the light bulb to go off for this "getting paid to be yourself" thing to work. You don't. You already have everything you need: 1. You 2. Your Story 3. Your Voice. The trifecta of authenticity. But how do you connect it all and make it work?

Here are the three things you must absolutely do to make a living by being yourself.


Everybody has something that makes people like and pay attention to them. Some people are great storytellers. Others are fantastic at visuals. If you're lucky, you have the ability to make a room laugh. But pay close attention to what people respond positively to you on a daily basis. Everyone from your mom to the barista at Starbucks likes a "je ne sais quoi" about you. Ask your close friends what they think your most attractive quality is. When you figure out what it is that makes you irresistible, milk it in an authentic way


Your story is what makes you unique. No one else has it and it's what you've overcome - poverty, unemployment, terminal illness, a 9 to 5 that made you unhappy - that's makes your story not only matter but proves that it's possible to make things happen. We all go through something. Some stories are longer and deeper than others but even if it's not, still share it. Sharing your story with your audience humanizes you. And like Regina says, "You have to humanize before you monetize."

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Use your voice to tell your story and help your audience. Your audience is typically a group of people who are who you were 2-3 years ago. How do they get better? How do they monetize? How do they get to the next level? To the right person? That is what makes your voice so powerful, because you'll be able to tell them how to do what you've already done by using your story & being that thing that draws people to you.

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How to Make a Living Being Yourself | Mattieologie Keep in mind that no matter what you want to do - blog, motivational speaker, online business owner, make up artist, etc. - being yourself will help advance further in your niche. It's about being YOU, sharing your story and using your voice.