How We Always Had A Sleeping Baby As new parents, the one thing you always you hear from everyone is "get used to not getting anymore sleep." It's like, the evil joke that people who are already parents like to say to brand new parents.

Now, I have to admit: having a new baby is challenging in more ways than one. And while #Babyologie is incredibly easy going, parenting is tough work. However, Maizah has always been an AMAZING sleeper. And in the beginning, I thought it was just luck. But as we transitioned her from her bassinet to her crib, I noticed that the process was fairly easy and it clicked:

We've always had a baby who was a good sleeper because we've ALWAYS had her on a routine.

Since she was 5 days old - she'll be 11 months next week - we've always given her a bath between 8:00p-9:00p even when we were on vacation. So we've always had Babyologie in bed before 10p. When she was 3 months. When she teething at 6-7 months. As she transitioned to her crib at 8-9 months. And even now.

I have to say this is the one thing that got us a sleeping baby.

You have to be militant about it, though. Hubs was excellent at that. Whether we were out of town for the holidays with family or even away from home for a work weekend trip, we kept her on schedule and made the appropriate adjustments. No matter what. Even on the nights we were exhausted. On the nights we didn't feel like it, we still got it done. And having a partner who got through it with you certainly helped.

So if you're expecting, I won't tell you the evil joke that you'll sleep. But if you want to sleep, get your baby on a schedule ASAP.