Negotiating & How To Be Good At It As a blogger who works with brands, I've had to learn how to negotiate and eventually get good to it if I wanted to get paid what I want. Early on, I lowballed myself but now I'm at a place where I'm making some great deals because I'm not afraid to ask for what I deserve. In today's episode, I share some tips and techniques on how to feel more comfortable with negotiating & how to get the results you want.

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Ask First, Answer Second

  • Ask what their budget is. Usually they won’t give specifics, but they will give you a general number.
  • When you ask for a budget (key word), they’ll throw out a number, and you can ask whatever your looking for within their range.
  • Puts ball in your court.

Lead with your scary number

  • the number your asking for should scare you a little bit. If it doesn’t, then it’s not high enough.
  • People aren’t sure of how they should price themselves.
  • Quantity: usually people pay attention to the thousand. People can charge $10-$100 per thousand ppl that they have. Example: you have 35,000 SM followers, you can charge $350. You can add to that number by the quality you’re going to provide to that brand. If you have a following of 6,000 on SM, that would be $60.
  • Tack on numerical amount if you have a strong outreach from your followers.
  • Whatever your scary number is, tack on 5-10%.

Determine what your bottom line is

  • No one will negotiate you down. So always start high.
  • Example: A brand campaign, you’re asking for $600, and they counter $300. You counter them back at $350.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back and forth.
  • Know where you won’t settle.
  • Having a bottom line doesn’t rule you out of the negotiation, but sets a standard for you.

Don’t be afraid to say no

  • Doesn’t mean people won’t do business with you again. Let them know to keep you in mind for future projects.
  • I’ve said ‘no’ to a brand because they were offering something that would take a lot of work, but were only offering product. Love the brand, but it didn’t meet my standards. Brand came back within a month and ended up paying out more than I asked originally.
  • Saying no just means that next time they come to you, they will come correct & meet your bottom line.

Be flexible

  • Whenever I negotiate, sometimes they won’t meet my $$ amount but will compensate in product.
  • If magic number is $500 for a post, but brand can give you $250 cash/$250 shoes, sounds like a good deal to ME.
  • Being flexible becomes a situation where you’re building a relationship with that brand.
  • If you can’t meet dollar amount, can you at least mention me on social media?
  • In contracts, add that they must post about you hosting on their SM account.
  • Value doesn’t just equate to money.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate what you deserve.

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