The Best Advice You'll Ever Read On Pitching As A Bloggersource

One of the top questions I receive from those of you who blog and want to work with brands is "how do you pitch brands you want to work with?" And while I've given advice on how to do this, the truth is that most of the brand campaigns that I've had have been pitched to me. 90% of the time, if I work with a big (aka household name) brand, they approached me.

How is this possible?

Trust me. I asked myself that question when it happened the first 2 or 3 times. But as I got further into my blogging career, I realized that the way I approached my content is what made me attractive to brands looking to work with bloggers. I made myself marketable with the visuals and text I consistently posted. But there were - are - many bloggers who are somewhat marketable and have quality level content, so what makes me different? What makes brands want to work with me as a blogger? The one thing I do that makes me attractive to brands is...

...I treat my blog as a running pitch. 

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That's it. The way I shoot product on my blog or on social, the way I shoot my outfit posts even down to the way I design my blog and promote my content via social is all taken into consideration DAILY. The problem is: Many bloggers are waiting for the opportunity to work with a big brand before they perform at a higher level.

That's hustling backwards, friends.

You need to treat your blog like it's a big brand. Is the quality of content in posts consistent? Is the voice consistent? Is the look consistent? Do you look at your own blog and take it seriously? I've got to be honest and say that these are things I actually did do even when I didn't even know I was doing it. For the longest, I've always treated Mattieologie like it's own brand. Because it is.

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Here are 3 ways to treat your blog like a running pitch:

Create Simple Yet Specific Content

The reason you want to create simple yet specific content is because it's then clear on why your content is valuable. And at the end of the day a brand only wants to work with you based on the value (aka usefulness) you provide.

Here on Mattieologie, I provide style + beauty experience content (meaning I usually only talk about clothes and products I actually use) and blog entrepreneurship content (how to get paid from blogging at a full time level). It's pretty clear when you visit my blog because of the frequency and quality of my outfit posts and podcasts. Even in a post like this - which would be considered a "blog entrepreneurship" post - is incredibly value packed and shows that I know what I'm talking about in my niche.

Lead With Captivating Visuals

Because blogging - especially style and beauty blogging at that - is growing at a rapid rate and bloggers are being featured in MAJOR brand campaigns, big brands are looking for you to be media ready. So the content that you produce has to be as well.

If you're a style blogger who has photos of yourself in outfit of the day posts, you should be producing them with an editorial aesthetic in mind. The same applies to video - and even audio - when executing content. Make sure you're not just putting out content just to say you have something out. Take in consideration that a brand may find you someway, somehow and the regular content you produce on your blog is the determining factor on whether or not they bring you on board for a campaign or collaboration.

The Best Advice You'll Ever Read on Pitching As A Blogger

Commit to Consistency

There are 100,000's blogs out there. And a lot of them produce some pretty impressive content. But the truth is, a brand is simply looking for bloggers with credibility. Consistency creates that. It proves that if a brand invests thousands of dollars in you, that the ROI will match the investment, if not surpass it. NO one likes to play the guessing game, not even a brand-blogger relationship.

Consistency is also one of those characteristics that say, "I mean business." And quite frankly that's the message you want to send brands. Blogs - even in the style niche - are worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. Consistency makes you stand out with the kind of people who take themselves - and want others to take them - seriously. Your commitment to consistency determines your credibility as a blogger to a brand.