The Best Time Management Advice You'll Ever Read

The Best Time Management Advice You'll Ever Read

Hi. My name is Mattie and I'm a recovering time abuser.

I used to be late all the time. (Pun intended.) Not only did I not respect my time, I also did not respect the time of others. I was always rushing and flustered. It caused me to half-ass tasks and consistently be inconsistent. Because of this I was always disappointed in myself.

But not anymore. Am I perfect? No. I'm still a work in progress. But I am light years ahead on my time management. I read all the tips and tricks that Google lead me to. I got a planner. Only to write things down that I still wouldn't complete. I got an accountability partner. Only to avoid them when I dropped the ball. I bought books on it. Only to not read them because I didn't make enough time.

Finally, one day, I was over it. OVER. IT. And as you know, you never change something unless you are completely tired of it. After attempting to do all of the cliche rules - organize, plan, prep, delegate, automate - but finally a light bulb went off. In fact, it was a heaven sent light because I am pretty sure I heard angels sing. How you manage time once and for all?

[bctt tweet="The only way to manage time is to stay ahead of it."]

That's it. You have to stay ahead of it. Meaning you have to operate a day, a week or even a month ahead of a task. It is the only way to manage time effectively. Whatever you're going to eat for dinner at home this week? You should have made a list on Sunday, decided on your meals and done grocery shopping accordingly. If you want to blog every day of the week next week, you should be outlining and writing the content before the end of this week. If you want to lose 10 lbs by your birthday in 3 months, you need to be changing your diet and workout NOW.

You see the issue is that we underestimate the time it actually takes to do something and romanticize how long it once took or how long it may take. If you think it will take you 2 hours to workout, give yourself 3 hours. Things happen, things come up and that extra cushion of time always ends up being a life saver.

[bctt tweet="When you don't buy yourself extra time, you always end up paying for it."]

And to be clear, don't try to be in a tie with time because it will always win. ALWAYS. Stay ahead of it by a day, week or month for the best results. Allot time to actually beat it. Give yourself time to plan, to organize, to delegate, to automate & then allot time to execute.

There is no task worth completing that doesn't take time. So give yourself the time you deserve to do something properly and effectively. It's the least you can do.

How are some ways you manage your time affectively?