The One Thing You Should Be Doing To Build Solid Online Relationships So many times, people ask, "how do you build online relationships with other bloggers?" It's kind of strange finding new friends as an adult, and even more awkward when you're trying to do it remotely.

However, engaging via social media is always a good start. Chime in on a collective conversation that Twitter or Facebook is having and if you agree with a like minded individual, authentically support their point or at the base level, hit them with a "totally agree."

[bctt tweet="Building solid online relationships can be hard. Here's a simple approach."]

You can also comment on their blog and be concise yet specific about what you enjoyed most about their post, or even share if they taught you something you didn't know before. You can even add a similarity you guys have to elaborate you two are on common ground.

But the best way to build solid online relationships is by sending out an email telling someone why they're dope. I like to call it a "I Think You're Fly" (aka ITYF) email. Because the one thing people with solid online relationships know is this:

Don't only email people when you need them.

[bctt tweet="Don't only email people when you need them."]

I try to do this on a quarterly basis. In the email, I'll mention to someone how much I loved a certain YouTube video or congratulate them on their latest brand campaign. Or even just a "I just discovered you on Twitter/Instagram and I think you're fantastic. Keep up the great work" goes a long way via email.

If you want to build relationships, be authentic, engage and reach out when you don't have to. You'll notice that you'll get positive responses back and build valuable online relationships in no time.