Mattieologie: Things To Do // May 2015 Ah! It's May - my favorite month of the year, thanks to my birthday. As I get older I realize how much I do very much need my Things To Do list and am usually unproductive if I don't make one. As I've shared them with you all here on the blog over the last few months, it's certainly held me accountable subconsciously and I think I've been more successful reaching certain goals. And for that, I thank you. This month I plan to:

  • turn 31 on the 29th
  • find an amazing cleaning lady (she's here as I blog)
  • launch Mimosa (my shopping newsletter!)
  • confirm 5 more consultations than I had last month 
  • get Maizah's ears pierced 
  • finally, honestly, seriously take this family photo (it's been on every single things to do list since like January)

I cannot believe 2015 is almost have way over. What big plans do you have for May? Also, as always, this template is available to download. Feel free to print or use digitally. Download here.