Mattieologie: To Hubs, On His First Father's Day Mattieologie: To Hubs, On His First Father's Day

Mattieologie: To Hubs, On His First Father's Day

Mattieologie: To Hubs, On His First Father's Day

You know, when we got pregnant, it was a total surprise. We weren't trying, we were going about our lives, trying to make us - as husband & wife - as strong as we could. But when we did confirm that we were expecting, you were so moved. It inspired me to be strong throughout the pregnancy. You bent over backwards, making sure that I was always comfortable & happy and you designed renovations for the house to ensure that the house was perfect for Babyologie's arrival. I remember you and your Dad painting her room. You were exhausted from everything else in life - work, family, getting the rest of the house together, feeding me - but you did without ever complaining.

When Maizah was born, I don't remember if it was our first or second night home with her, but she just would not stop crying without us holding her and the both of us were EXHAUSTED. Finally, you took her and laid her on your chest and you guys both fell asleep. That's when I knew Maizah had the best dad ever.

We also talked about how we would create a rhythm, a schedule when she was born while I was pregnant. Once she got here, we gave her a bath for the first week and bath time is now the time you two get to spend together every night. Even when we were in New Orleans for Thanksgiving or in Fort Worth for work, you've never missed bath time since she's been born. Not once. Not even when you're dead tired. Not even when I offer to give you a break.

My favorite moments are you guys pregaming before bath time, beat boxing together, singing silly songs, watching Sid the Science Kid on Netflix or laughing at each other just because. There was one time, for whatever reason, you were singing her the theme song to "A Different World" and she just bounced on your chest, happy as ever, as you sang in your best Aretha voice. That is still my favorite moment.

She's peed on you numerous times, spit up on you (even last night) and screamed all the way home a handful of times when you've picked her up from her great grandmother's house. And while you've been visibly frustrated, you've never complained. Not once. Not even a little.

The way you love our daughter makes me love you more as your wife.

And while I'm impressed, I'm certainly not surprised that you're the best kind of father. It's simply a reflection of the kind of husband you are.

Happy first Father's Day. Me & Maizah love you to the moon and back.