What Every About Page Absolutely Needs

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Five years ago, when I started my blog, the only accolade I had to date was the Miss Liberia USA crown. On the PC I won as one of the prizes I received for being crowned, I wrote some fancy smancy "bio" in Microsoft Word. I had Googled what a good bio looks like, even talked to the PR contacts I had and inquired how they wrote bios for the clients/artists they represented. I did what I thought I should've done. I milked it in the bio that I was a beauty queen and had attended fashion week (doing not much of anything mind you except for being there) and thought that this would make me appealing to brands. It wasn't until a few months later, when I changed my about page up a little to make it more personal that I got my first paid brand collaboration.

When it comes to your about page you have to be very strategic in what you say. After all, for some readers it's the first time they get to learn who you are in the digital space. It's also a place where brands and companies come to learn a little more about you before making the final decision to collaborating with you. But most people overlook the one thing they absolutely need to having an epic about page: their story.

[bctt tweet="No one is you and that is your power."]

Yep. That's it. People want to know who you are. They want to know what makes you - YOU. It's not the accolades or the press clips that make people LIKE you. It's what makes you human that connects people to you. And when you're connected to someone - even if they're a complete stranger, you can communicate with them effectively.

[bctt tweet="Readers are only loyal to blogs they're connected to."]

Let's be honest. I'm not blogging about anything here groundbreaking. How many bloggers blog outfit of the day posts? How many bloggers are from Atlanta? How many bloggers blog about blogging, business and branding? But if you're a loyal reader (or even a new reader who has found your way back to me for the second or third time), you're probably intrigued because I'm a mom. And a wife. And a girl who just recently lost her job and is following her dreams of becoming a full time blogger. But those are the things you're interested in and excited about. You're more concerned with WHO I AM instead of WHAT I DO.

7 things your about page needs:

  • who you are
  • what you're striving for
  • your personal adversity/challenge
  • common ground (what makes you the same/similar to your reader)
  • your voice (think of it as a conversation)
  • how what you do "fixes" or eliminates your challenge
  • how what you do helps your reader achieve something (better personal style, great recipes, etc.)

What Every About Page Absolutely Needs

So what is it about who you are that is interesting, humanizing and connects you to your reader? Write it down. Edit it to a concise, fluid piece, ensure the above 7 elements are in your story and you've got yourself the about page your blog really needs.