What Every Blogger Should Have in Their Email Signature Is it me or is getting your email inbox to zero the most daunting task on earth?!

That's another post at another time.

Today, we're talking email signatures. When I first started emailing people, the salutation was so important to me. I wanted to end on a positive note, but in a way where I would be taken seriously. "Sincerely," "Sincerely yours," "Yours truly,"...no, this wasn't a love letter. Finally after sending out hundreds maybe even thousands of emails and getting a grasp on my personal branding, I chose "Marvelously." You know I had to find something with an "M."

But if I'm being honest, the salutation will be overlooked. Especially if you provide some goodies at the end. Here are five things every blogger should include in their email signature.

What Every Blogger Should Have in Their Email Signature


I learned this from the fabulous Kela Walker of Kela's Kloset. We had done some email correspondence a couple of years ago. Like her, Kela's emails were energetic & positive but straight to the point. At the end she had this line that said "LATEST NEWS" and then a link to her latest magazine feature. MIND. BLOWN. It was so little, but so big. So simple, but so genius. It changed my emails forever. I try my best to update my latest news links every quarter to my biggest features or news of the year. I even link to one of my most popular blog posts of mine that's sparked interest. I include three to four links just to keep things interesting. This is also a really great spot to include an event you're hosting or going to speak at. If I'm going to be corresponding with someone, I might as well let them know what's been going on with me lately. Especially the cool stuff.

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This should go without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Make sure you link people to your social channels that you frequent regularly. No need to link them to your YouTube page if the last time you posted a video was 2013. Seriously. But this is way for people to connect with you outside of email but not as serious as a phone call or in person meeting. And make links to your social media handles so all people have to do is click and follow (versus just writing "@Mattieologie" or the entire URL). The easier you make it for them to follow you, the more likely they are to follow you.


As a blogger, most of my business deals are done via email. Contracts, campaigns, invoices...a lot of important info is getting passed back and forth between parties. Just to ensure I'm protected, I include a confidentiality disclaimer in ALL my emails. So I send someone a great idea or even my blogger rates and it's forwarded to someone who has no business knowing any of that, I can hold the original person I sent it to accountable.


Hey, it's great that your blog is called "Your Fab Closet," but please don't sign your email as such. Include your first and last name for professional purposes and a direct number to you. Now, I get it. Not everyone you email is necessarily business or you even want to call you. Understandable. Omit your number when necessary. But for instance, I got a call from a current sponsor - who I've been corresponding with via email for weeks -  who needed to confirm some information to ensure she got me a check on time. If we were solely emailing or hadn't provided my number, I could've delayed that payment. And I don't know about you, but I like my checks ON TIME.

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What Every Blogger Should Have in Their Email Signature


For about a year, I would sign my first and last name at the end of an email and then simply write "Mattieologie.com." It wasn't clickable. It would just be there in case the person I emailed cared enough to take initiative and copy & paste it in their browser. NEWSFLASH: people are lazy. Make the name of your blog clickable and it should be the first thing right after you sign your name. This is also where you should list your title in the case your an editor, contributor or as I prefer, blogger.

As far as order is concerned, I like to sign my email as following:


What Every Blogger Should Have in Their Email Signature

Any email tips as a blogger? What are your absolute musts to include in your email signature? Having trouble writing amazing emails? I show you how in depth here.