What To Do When Your Blog/Biz Name is Taken Online

What To Do When Your Blog/Biz Name Is Taken

Myisha wants to know what you’re supposed to when you’ve come up with a name for your business, but the URL is already taken. This is a topic that’s really important to me in the realm of blogging and branding. I’m going to break down how to keep this from happening to you, and if it has, how to overcome it.


  • When it comes to naming your blog or business online, you have to check for EVERYTHING.
  • Before you purchase the URL, you need to verify that all social channels are available with that name. Consistency is important.
  • You need to make it as easy as possible to find you, so that you can make it easy for people to pay you.
  • Stop thinking that you cannot rename your company.
  • If you have a company name that is taken but you have a really short tag line, why not name it your tag line?
  • 90% of people operate at a 6th grade level, so simplify your name.

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