What To Focus On When Pitching Brands Pitching brands can be daunting, especially as a blogger who's never done so before. Twitter follower @ItsBobbiesWorld asks how to approach + research a brand that you'd like to pitch. So, in this episode I touch on a handful things to focus on when pitching brands & actually being successful at it.

Find out where they are on Social

  • Where do they focus their most energy on. Are they heavy on Twitter or Facebook? Instagram?
  • Don’t just follow, also engage.
  • Pitching is a long game.

What are their goals?

  • Once you find out what that is, you can tweak your goal so that it matches what they accomplish.
  • Example: Maybe they need more followers.
  • Your idea could help them build.

Who is their audience?

  • Who are they talking to and who gravitates towards them?
  • Are you a part of that audience? Even if not, your demo could gravitate towards them and you could help them bridge that gap.

Are you compatible with their aesthetic?

  • If pitching a preppy brand, and you’re trendy - maybe this isn’t a match, because goals/looks aren’t linear.
  • Won’t get results because you don’t match what they’re presenting.
  • Is look similar? While you may not be in demo, maybe they would be looking to bridge the gap and link up with you.
  • If your blog or biz doesn’t match their aesthetic, then you won’t get that contract. They need to see that it’s compatible.

Have you engaged enough?

  • Have you built a relationship that their social media manager likes you enough, if you DM, you can get contact needed.
  • Even if Social Media Manager isn’t the contact you need, they can direct you to the proper person.
  • Engage enough that the social media team knows and vouches for you.
  • Everybody enjoys giving money to people they like.

How do you contact them?

  • Reach out to social media person privately check for email in bio.
  • Don’t tell someone to follow to DM. If you haven’t reached that level in the relationship, it’s not best to do such.

When you contact, keep it short and concise

  • Send a one-sheeter. break down details of what, why, and how.
  • Make sure they’re interested in collaborating with you before sending a deck.
  • If they bite & they’re interested, do NOT send any numbers. Don’t be aggressive.
  • Suggest a call, sending over a deck.
  • Start a conversation.
  • Mention something specific about the brand when reaching out. Let them know that you know who the company is.
  • Be specific and straight to the point.

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