What You Need To Take Good Pictures For Your Blog

This is a question I get asked all of the time, and I’m finally sharing the 3 ways to take the best pictures for your blog.


  • It’s really important to get an SLR camera, which you can get for a few hundred and ranging to the thousand-dollar range.
  • If looking for a camera on the budget, try eBay or craigslist.
  • EXAMPLE: I use the Canon t3i, which is no longer available but may find on eBay. It’s around $400 depending on where you look. (The t5i is the oldest model available.)
  • Canon cameras are really easy to learn and navigate.
  • If you’re a starter, go with the Canon Rebel series.


  • Natural lighting is best.
  • EXAMPLE: If taking outfit photos in natural light, utilize it when it’s softest and warmest. Take closest to sunrise or sunset. I take my photos close to 6-6:30.
  • For artificial lighting, you want to start out with umbrella lights.
  • You can also use a ring light if shooting beauty or style focused video.
  • Learn 3 point lighting with artificial lighting. Will help to maximize, to where you won’t look washed out.


  • Always use an editing system when editing photos for your blog.
  • For example: I use Adobe Creative, which you can get for $19.99 month.
  • I tend to increase my saturation and brightness when editing my photos.
  • You can use Canva online to edit your photos as well.
  • Learn the rule of thirds to get the understanding of composition.
  • Be fully aware of what your aesthetic is.

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