When To Approach A Brand For A Collaboration

Stephanie from Mexico wants to know the guidelines a blogger should follow when deciding the brands to collaborate with. I break down the 3 reasons you should move forward with, and not, with a brand.


  • When it comes to pitching a brand, have it together. Create a deck that thoroughly explains your idea about collaborating.
  • Don’t let this be the first time you’ve spoken to them. Make sure they’re already paying attention to you and your brand.
  • EXAMPLE: Follow them on twitter and engage.
  • Relationships are the glue to making sure pitches get green lit.

[bctt tweet="Relationships are the glue to making sure pitches get green lit."]


  • Have the right people in place.
  • EXAMPLE: Your following. Not just numbers, but how many of them actually respond to you.
  • Know your demo. Brands want to know that your demographic is beneficial to them.


  • Too often all we’re focused on is getting paid.
  • Value = Usefulness
  • You have to figure out the number of people who follow you that will respond, and from there you can price accordingly.
  • Price should always be discussed last, but should be set in stone before any work is done.

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