3 Reasons Why Your Outfit Post Pictures Suck Hey, girl. I know the title is brutal. But it was really just to make sure you got here, so I could help you make your outfit post pictures better and become the blogging superstar I know you are. Because you're awesome. You really are. You just need to keep a few things when you shoot your outfit photos for your blog. There's 3 things people don't really keep in mind, so that's what I want to focus on today.

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3 Reasons Why Your Outfit Post Pictures Suck


This is a huge issue for a lot of folks. I know that when I first started blogging I didn't know the slightest thing about lighting. AT ALL. So, I'm going to help you guys who were like me a few years ago. First and foremost...


Always. Trust me on this. They will always turn out better even if you don't edit them, natural light is your BFF when it comes to outfit post photos. That flash is the biggest hater in the history of life and always makes things amateur. Unless, you're a photography wiz who knows how to use artificial lighting and a flash to an advantage, opt for the sun. She's Jesus' first cousin. She loves you.

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Now, the way to maximize natural light is to take photos when sunlight is the softest. This is typically closest to sunrise or sunset. So you want to take photos first thing in the morning - 7am -10am - or right after dinner - 6p-8:30p. Always avoid taking outfit photos in the middle of the day - 2-4p - because that's when the sun is the highest and the light is harsh and too bright. It will wash you out.

The only exception to this rule is when the day is overcast and very cloudy. The light on an overcast day is ideal for photos because it's really soft light.

It's also important to remember that when you shoot, the sun should be in front you and behind whoever is shooting you. Test it out and you'll see EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

3 Reasons Why Your Outfit Post Pictures Suck


This one is big, you guys. A lot of us take a picture without paying attention to the details behind us. Trash on the ground. A dumpster right behind us. People walking by. Shadows. Clashing colors. Blending into the backdrop. The list is endless. You've really got to keep all of those things in mind when you're taking photos.

One thing Kaye and I like to do before we even meet in person for a photo session is scout Google maps in satellite mode and look for locations. After all, we shoot 5 outfit photos in one shoot, so the area we shoot in has to give us a variety of picturesque backdrops. We try to pay attention to the different walls within a mile radius, how much traffic will be there the time and day we shoot and if it has an "editorial" feel to it, since that the standard I try to set here on Mattieologie.

We also like to contrast what I'm wearing with the backdrop. If I'm wearing a neutral tone look, we try to shoot against a colorful background to make things pop (and vice versa - a colorful outfit against a neutral backdrop).

I try to avoid apartment complexes, parking garages, in front of a store or house. Now, of course, there are exceptions, but if I shoot using the aforementioned as backdrops it's because they don't look like it in photos.

Here's the big secret about backdrops in outfit post photos: Avoid being literal; don't match your outfit to your backdrop.

I'm telling you every time you try to match your outfit to your backdrop it will more than likely end a fail. Wearing track/athleisure pants and shooting on a track will almost always look cheesy. Shoot an athleisure look against an ivy wall and see how it pops and looks "cool."

3 Reasons Why Your Outfit Post Pictures Suck


Nothing gets you together like the rule of thirds. I don't care if you're using a point & shoot camera or a Canon 7D Mark III, if you don't know and understand the rule of thirds, your pictures are average at best. Nothing teaches you composition immediately like the rule of thirds. Once I learned it, my photos instantly got better. Composition is basically how you put the elements of a photo together.

Angles will also make or break you in a photo as well. You can make yourself look taller and skinnier if the person shooting squats down or slightly tilts their camera up. You also need to keep this in mind when shooting selfies, but that's another post. Be sure to show off what you're wearing when shooting as well. Also wear your bag on the arm closest to the camera, turn to the side to show the back of a top or dress, etc. Attention to detail will drastically help with the angle you shoot your outfit post photos.

3 Mistakes You're Making With Your Outfit Photos | Mattieologie

Here's the thing: I'm no photographer. I'm not technically trained in this stuff. But I've been shooting outfit post photos for the last 3-4 years consistently so eventually I learned what works and what doesn't. If you want to be a better outfit post blogger, shoot & post more outfit posts. It's not rocket science, just consistent blogging.