How To Edit Your Photos In Instagram If you're like me then you love Instagram and want your photos to look good. I get it. We're not solving world peace or anything, but I do feel like if you're going to participate in Instagram then make your photos look good.

Now there are tons of apps and editing systems you can use to edit your pictures. Even just your iPhone. But this is a simple and easy tutorial on how to edit in Instagram without any tweaking beforehand.

3 Things You MUST Do When You Edit Photos On Instagram Here's what the photo looks like untouched and unedited. Typically, to avoid graininess and pixelated photos, I tend use photos that are at least 1500 x 1500 pixels to ensure clarity and detail.

3 Things You Must Do When You Edit Photos on Instagram

3 Things You MUST Do When You Edit Photos On Instagram First and foremost, I increase the saturation. I really like highly saturated photos. They give an editorial feel and really stand out on your Instagram. But even if you're not turning it up on saturation + color, decide where you want your photo to be as far as color is concerned before brightness. The last thing you want to do is wash yourself out due to lack of color. Trust me, been there. Done that.

3 Things You MUST Do When You Edit Photos On Instagram

Next I increase the brightness. This original wasn't too dark, but on photos that don't have the best light this can be incredibly helpful. NOTE: A picture can also be brought up in lightness, but it's hard to darken a photo that's been over exposed AKA too bright. I usually brighten up photos between 10-20 notches.

3 Things You MUST Do When You Edit Photos On InstagramLastly, I turn up the highlights. Similar to brightness, I turn it up 10-20 notches. Highlights brighten up a photo from the center out. To me it's like the polish filter of photos. It makes you a like brand new, shiny version of yourself. To me this is the secret weapon edit effect on Instagram. Definitely give it a try - crank it up all the way, then bring it back down to see the effect it gives to your photo.

And that's it.

What are some of your favorite edit effects on Instagram? If you're on IG, be sure to follow me.