5 Ways To Style A Couch While I was cleaning the other day, I played around with the many pillows I have on my living room couch and realized there are so many ways to style your couch. It's such a great, inexpensive way to revamp your space with things (pillows) you already have. The colors in my living room are a neutral medium brown, purple & aqua blue with ivory here and there. Above is how I style the couch on a day to day basis - with pillows dominating. So here's how I switched things up:

5 Ways To Style Your Couch two small pillows & horizontal pillow

5 Ways To Style Your Couch one large printed pillow + one small printed pillow + one textured pillow

5 Ways To Style Your Couch one small textured pillow + one small printed pillow + throw

5 Ways To Style Your Couch four small pillows + throw

Having 5 to 6 pillows (one large, one textured, two printed, two matching) and a throw is ideal to get a handful of couch styling combinations. TJ Maxx Home Goods always has amazing options that are incredibly affordable. I like when the contrast of the purple and blue because it's so unexpected but works well together. Mixing and matching colors + prints keeps things modern but you want to keep them neutral or in the same color family to make sense. A throw can totally change the feel of a room, making it more comfy and is ideal for the cool weather seasons. When I know I'm going to have guests over, I tend to lean toward a 3 pillow option so there's space to sit without pillows intruding.

Which option(s) is your favorite?