5 Workout Must Haves

TOP, BRA & LEGGINGS // c/o GapFit via Gap Factory
PHOTOGRAPHY // Christopher Jamar

I'm turning 32 in less than two weeks and I decided a couple of months ago that I was dedicated to getting my best body ever. I've always had a petite build, but I want to be strong, toned and full of energy. I got a trainer at the gym, got serious about my diet and really went for it.

And I gotta tell you, it's far from easy - but I feel and look better.

After being consistent for the last 6 weeks or so, I've realized that if I don't have certain things working out is just not going to happen. These things help me get in the zone to really commit through my workout and maintain having a positive attitude throughout it. Here are my 5 workout must haves that help me stay consistent with my fitness goals. 

WATER. This goes without saying - not really - which is why I'm saying it. This is going to sound insane, but for the first week I started working out, I would walk into the gym with no water. That was a set up. Staying hydrated is a major key for hydration, helping your muscles not be as sore and making you sweat. I'm a girl's girl, but I like to sweat during a workout because I want proof that my workout counts. 

PLAYLIST. Without question, music dictates how motivated I am to work out. I have an entire Workout playlist on Apple Music and sometimes I'll select certain tracks of an album to keep me going. I like high energy music with lots of bass for cardio - "Freedom" by Beyonce x Kendrick Lamar literally gets me through the toughest of workouts - while I like tunes that are lyrically aggressive for strength training/weight lifting. But music is important - it is my fitness motivator.

CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES. Remember when I mentioned that I was girl's girl earlier? I meant it. I like to look cute in all instances - working out included. I really like the options GapFit has, because they're fun, stylish and super comfortable (important!). I'm obsessed with the ombre tights I'm wearing here and love their graphic tanks. ("Believe & Achieve" is definitely the kind of motivation I need during a workout.) I'm pretty modest up top, so sometimes sports bras just don't work in my favor - they're either too tight or I can't fill them out. The black sports bra I'm wearing from GapFit is amazingly comfortable and goes with everything because it's black. 

PLAN. I have to admit, I'm not good at winging it at the gym. I end up procrastinating and spending more time on social media than working out. I must have a plan meaning I have to have a dedicated part of my body I'm working on. I like to do legs early in the week, so I'm not too sore by the weekend and full body workouts with my trainer once a week. I also like to mix things up - so I don't get bored - from strength training, lifting weights, the stair machine, the rowing machine, the treadmill, barre class and/or Zumba. Keeping things interesting keeps me encouraged.

TRACK. I love the feeling of accomplishment (who doesn't) and so I like to track my workout progress. There are so many fitness bands out there and I rock the UP Band 2 to track my steps and movement on a daily basis. I currently aim for 10,000 steps a day (I average about 6500) and it feels so good when I hit that mark. Naturally, I don't hit that everyday because I work about 4 times a week and days I have Zumba class having me stepping all over the place while the days I lift do not. But tracking holds me accountable which is necessary for me to hit my fitness goals.

DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by GapFit but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands I collaborate with!