Black Leather Jacket + Sequin Lace Top

TOP // Choies -- SKIRT // Forever 21 -- SHOES // JustFab -- SUNNIES // Quay -- JACKET // H&M

all photos by Kaye McCoy for Mattieologie; styling by Christopher Payne

It is so nice this week, I cannot wait for spring to get here! I'm currently flourishing in 75 degree weather, shooting some content for the blog and I am beyond myself. It just feels so good out here. My energy has been up as of late and I credit the sunlight. The 5am wake ups are a lot easier when daylight is an hour away (versus two in the winter). I've also been working out more and staying mostly vegan. I'll have fish and dairy here and there, but I'm taking vitamins and drinking LOADS of water. It definitely makes a difference.

It starts within, not without, so I've been making sure that the input (spirituality, reading, exercise) is just as good or better than the output (clothes, makeup, etc). It's all about balance.